Abdel Massih Real Estate Management was founded by Chehade Abdel Massih in Beirut, Lebanon in 1950. The first offices were in the historic Gemmayzeh street. The boutique asset management has been a trusted advisor for clients in Lebanon and abroad. The firm expanded in the 1970’s adding to its real estate brokerage operations an architecture and design unit followed by a construction and execution business.

The first residential project was launched in Boushrieh, a North-Eastern suburb of Beirut city, which has been the the Abdel Massih home-base ever since. Multiple successful projects in the area helped shape what today is known as the Jdeideh – Boushrieh – Sid district. Over the years, this location became highly desirable for both residential and commercial clients.

In the early 1990’s the company settled in Centre Abdel Massih in Boushrieh and launched multiple projects, primarily in Naccache, Ain Saadeh and Roumieh meeting the high demand for residential properties. During that period, bank loans and mortgages were still not popular, Abdel Massih offered in-house mortgages for its clients, with maturities reaching 20 years.